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American Foreclosure Prevention
7697 Walnut Creek Dr
West Chester, OH 45069
Tel: 513-942-5524

There may not be much time. Please act immediately. Your lender is not on your side.


We consult with you regarding a wide array of personal financial topics. With respect to home mortgages, we have worked with mortgage companies all across America preventing foreclosure or improving existing mortgages for those not in foreclosure by the use of government and proprietary programs. Now our consulting in this area is centered on helping you to apply for existing programs. We have years of experience working with all types of mortgages. Most homeowners find it impossible to work with their mortgage company, or that the solutions offered are unaffordable.

We will help you to obtain all of the pertinent facts concerning your mortgage, the history of your mortgage, and very importantly, the INVESTOR behind your mortgage. The mortgage company that you know is only servicing your mortgage for an investor. Investors have programs to get you back on track with your mortgage or improve it to avoid future problems.

Many of these programs can lower your mortgage payment and your interest rate. In many cases, we have obtained principle reduction or deferment.  Your mortgage company will not tell you your rights or what you are entitled to through these investor programs, because it is against company policy. It is a mistake to provide financial information to your mortgage servicer unless you are properly informed with knowledge we can share with you.

We are not lawyers and do not provide legal services or advice. AFP does not negotiate the rate or terms of a mortgage. We help you apply for existing programs. It is our knowledge of these programs and their guidelines that make us successful.


Clay and Polly Lehmann


We can’t help every homeowner with their personal financial challenges, but we will generally know if we can help you after reviewing your application. The application and initial consultation are free of charge, and you will likely learn quite a bit! This process is simple and will only take you a few minutes.

Before you fill out an application with any “Foreclosure Prevention” company, please check them out thoroughly. It is unfortunate, but there are many people or companies who pretend to provide this service, but are only interested in buying pre-foreclosure properties. They wait until it is too late to provide this service, and offer to buy your home.  AFP does NOT BUY HOMES! We only provide consulting services to help you improve your overall financial health.