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American Foreclosure Prevention
7697 Walnut Creek Dr
West Chester, OH 45069
Tel: 513-942-5524

Time is of the essence. Remember! It takes time to save your home.

Kudos and Testimonials

We have received letters and emails from many happy customers over the years. We thought we'd share some of these with you here. They are presented in no particular order and for privacy reasons we have hidden the identity of many of the people who have witten to us.

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Hello Clay,



Hi Clay,

Thank you for all your help. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I have referred a friend to you. If I can ever give you business, I will. Thanks again for all your efforts and I will send you a copy of the agreement soon. Be Blessed!

Pray for Peace in your Life!


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Thanks a million. I will hold on to your information, and should anyone need your services, I will be glad to refer them to you.

Continued success and best wishes,

Mrs. F

Dear Clay,

I wish to take this opportunity, on behalf of my wife Donna, and myself to express our sincere gratitude and thanks for getting our loan modification completed and approved through Bank of America.

I’m sure this was not easy as we were working with a short deadline of foreclosure. Your dedication and perseverance to get this job done was above and beyond what anyone could expect. While foreclosure was pushing to be completed, as our loan modification was being reviewed, you were the calming influence in our storm.

Donna and I had tried for several months to get a satisfactory result from the banking process without success. Frustration was at a high point with us trying to deal with a different person each time we called to check on our loan modification. The standard answer was “ it is in review”, but no one knew anything else. Then when we were notified that the home was placed in accelerated foreclosure.

Then we heard about AFP. With your diligence and guidance, for Donna and me, your company saved our home and enabled us to have a significant reduction in our mortgage payment.

We are not able to thank you enough for what you have done for us. We are truly thankful that there is someone out there who can and will help people in distress.


Dean & Donna

Thank you, Mr. Lehman...

 for your effort, I did receive the loan modification. I appreciate the time and dedication on your part. I wanted to let you know that, It was a pleasure to deal with you and your business. You show a lot of dedication to your clients, and I personally want to wish good luck to you, and your family and thanks again for your support in this matter. I will recommend, your services to anyone I hear of.

Thanks again,


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Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for all the time and effort that you put forth to assist me and my family. It took a great deal of time, but your team accomplished the mission. I will be my pleasure to inform others of your services.
Richard J

On behalf of the our family in Denver, CO we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to American Foreclosure Prevention for their outstanding service and dedication in completing our loan modification. These days, it's hard to know who you can trust but the good people at AFP are as trustworthy as any company I've ever done business with. I was constantly in contact with Mr. Clay Lehmann during the entire process as he was open to all questions and very accessible. His knowledge of the the loan modification process is extensive and he made things move along quickly and smoothly. He truly helped out my family by saving us a substantial amount of money each month. If you need the same type of help, call AFP. If there is something they can do to help you, they will.
Five stars out of five stars in my book!

Jim M

Hi Clay,

I just wanted to let you know that I signed our final loan modification documents and FedExed them back to Chase. It starts May 1.

  • 5 years at 2%,
  • 1 year at 3%,
  • 1 year at 4% and
  • the balance of the loan at 5%.

    Once again we appreciate everything you did and thank you very much.

    John D

Dear Clay,

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude that our family feels toward you both. Without your countless hours of hard work and dedication, we probably would have lost our home. We are so thrilled that we found your company and we would be willing to recommend American Foreclosure Prevention to anyone who is struggling with their mortgage. You guys truly know what you are doing!


Chris and Heather L
Cranston, RI

Hi Clay,

I am very pleased with your service. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help, the professionalism of you and of your staff there at AFP has saved my house from certain foreclosure. It is without doubt that because of you and your staff's persistent and consistent working of my case has most certainly saved my house. Thank you all for your hard and dedicated work.

With respect and appreciation,

Al V, a satisfied customer.

P.S. I will certainly refer you to anyone that may need your services. Once again thank you so much.

Hi Clay,

This is Kevin and Brenda here, Just want to let you know we got a letter from Litton loan and we are now locked in at a fixed rate, for the next 30 years. We want to Thank You and Polly for the time and hard work, you did to make this happened. I am now at ease, I don't have to worry about my payment rising to the effect that we couldn't make our payment, or maybe in the future of losing our home. I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank You again,

Kevin and Brenda

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Hi Clay

I can't begin to thank you and Polly enough for your help in saving my home. I figured it was a matter of dates 'passing in the night', but I didn't want to take any chances of being on the bad end of an 'oops' moment!

Clay and Polly Lehmann did a fantastic job of helping me avoid foreclosure. I had lost my job and my mortgage had fallen behind. The bank was difficult when I asked for a loan modification and Mr. Lehmann came to my assistance and steadfastly worked with the bank over a period of months. The bank finally agreed to a loan modification. Thanks to the Lehmanns, I started the new year with my house; a house that means so much to my sons and my grandchildren as our family home. I received my loan modification paperwork right before Christmas - what a gift that was! I highly recommend Clay and Polly Lehmann as the team that can work on your behalf and save your home from foreclosure. Good luck and God bless!

Diane C. M.
Happy Homeowner

Bless you Clay:

Mere words alone cannot express my overwhelming joy regarding the mortgage loan work that you performed for me.

I had been trying not to think about it, worry about it, etc. So you can only imagine my joy when I received the federal express package yesterday with the new mortgage terms, payment, etc.

I woke up again early this morning to sit, read, pray and rejoice over what you and your firm have accomplished for me personally. What a blessed way to end 2010.

Thank you for all your help. Please continue to help homeowners all across America.

Jackie R.

Dear Mr. Lehmann:

I had been meaning to write to say thanks for your help. While others were charging much more money than you and people were still losing their home, you came through for me just as you had promised. You and your family are a Godsend and I would recommend you over any other company. My prayers go out for you and your family that God would open the floodgates of heaven to bless you and your family.

Terry M. T.


I can't tell you how pleased and thankful I am with your ability to successfully achieve a modification to our home loan with Chase. You were able to get my mortgage payment reduced by $1000 per month. Now there is hope. My cost and agreeing to work with you is the best investment I ever made.

I started the process on my own in July of 2009 with Chase's modification program and was unsuccessful. From my experience I believe Chase does not negotiate the modification process directly with the homeowner honestly and in good faith. Their communication with me was non-existent during the process. It was totally one sided. The process went from July 2009 until February 2010 and I never received an answer from them one way or the other. I finally gave up on directly working with them. That is when I started researching until I found your Company on the Internet.

As you know I was well on my way to losing my home if unable to get relief in my monthly payment. You were able to take the information regarding my finances, choose from the available modification programs the one that was right for my situation and present it to Chase in a professional manner, ultimately achieving success.

It is obvious to me that your background in the business has provided you with the expertise that's necessary to accomplish success in the modification process with these mortgage companies. I feel very fortunate to have found you and your web site.

Thank You AFP for being there for me.

Ken C.

I talked with my son-in-law today and referred him to you for the possibility of a modification. I expect him to get in touch with you soon. From what he has told me, I suggested you may be able to help him and he needed to call and talk to you. His name is Russell G. I am concerned about his and my daughter’s financial situation.


Steve and I want to thank you for all you have done to save us from losing our home, As you know from our story and we would not be able afford to keep the house at the rate the mortgage was increasing and the payments that were pass due. We did not know where to turn until my sisters brother-in –law, someone you had previously helped, gave us your contact information. We in turn gave your number to Steve’s sister which you were also able to help. Because of your hard work we will now be able to settle in to the home we love and enjoy being there.

Thanks again we appreciate it more than you know.

Steve & Sam S.


Great!! This seems too good to be true!

We truly appreciate all you time and efforts to assist us....It took a huge load off us to have you working for us. Your knowledge and experience in the mortgage world was an asset. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Kris & Jerry P.

Hello to you Mr. Lehmann,

I want to thank you and Polly also. I really appreciate all of your time and effort to get this done for me. I appreciate you taking the time to return my phone calls and answering my questions. I do know that I could not have accomplished this modification without you. I will refer your services to anyone that needs help. By the way, I did have a friend call you, Deborah Donald. She was pleased with the information that you gave her. I appreciate your honesty and integrity.

I pray that your business will continue to be successful.

Thank you,

Adrian McClinton

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Hello, Clay
It has been a pleasure working with you. It's been a long hard road but you saw me through it. The times I wanted to give up but you kept me in there. I really thank you for all you have done, you made the impossible possible. Thanks again.

Shamonda P.

Hi Clay,

I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you and your team have done for us, Clay. You've truly been a blessing to us.

I'd like to introduce you to my sister, Michelle (cc'd on this email). I think your services may be able to help her stay in her home. I've told her all about how you've helped us and even how you 'undid' the work the previous mortgage mitigation company did.

Michelle - please respond to Clay directly to get the ball rolling. Let me know what I can do to help. Love you.

Donna J.

Clay and Polly,

It is so hard to express what you have done for Randy and me. You have taken a task and turned it into something personal, something you would do for a family member. You treated us like we were your only clients. I never thought anyone would go to bat for us like you did. Thank you so much for saving our home we will never forget you.

Randy and Barbara