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American Foreclosure Prevention
7697 Walnut Creek Dr
West Chester, OH 45069
Tel: 513-942-5524

There is no time to wait! If you have received notifications from your financial institution then you need to act promptly.

Our company is AFP, American Foreclosure Prevention

It is a division of LPI-IV, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company formed in 2003. We formed the company and to date we have consulted with over 15,000 homeowners since we began performing these services 13 years ago. I have now modified more than 1,500 mortgages and I am told that this is more than any other firm in the country.

AFP Can Help You Re-Finance

Improving mortgages is what we do and provide Financial Consulting Services to Home Owners. Most of our clients are unable to refinance due to lack of equity in the current real estate market, or because of credit scores. We help improve existing mortgages. We have helped to modify mortgages to interest rates as low as 2%, reduced principle to fair market value of the home, extended maturity dates, and cut payments to a fraction of what was in place before our services. We also help those who have had hardships and have fallen behind on their mortgage payments.

Our consultations will cover a wide array of personal financial topics including Federal and state income taxes, home owners' insurance, utilities, unsecured debt, budgeting, etc.

Remember if you are talking to your lender then please understand that your lender is looking out for the lender's best interest and not yours!

With 20 years of financial experience behind me, I became interested in real estate investing. My wife and I quickly acquired a significant number of rental units, and then began to look into foreclosure investing. I was dismayed after attending several seminars on purchasing foreclosure properties; the seeming lack of concern for the homeowner was appalling.

Your Family Home is important to American Foreclosure Prevention

The field of short-sales or foreclosure investing seemed to invite selfish people who do very little to help the home-owner. I am very uncomfortable in that environment. I don't buy ugly houses, or even pretty ones, I help people keep the home they have!

Also, our firm AFP has never taken a dime of revenue from an investor who buys houses; to do so would be a conflict of interest with Loss Mitigation/Loan Modification services.

AFP's only source of income is derived from consulting with homeowners on an array of personal finance topics.

We quickly realized the need for a company that solely focused on consulting with homeowners. Following completion of more than 500 hours of training and research during 2003, I began offering this service to help homeowners directly.

We have consulted with over 15,000 homeowners on many financial topics, but have only charged a consulting fee to 1,500. You would be wise to pick my brain.

We have been consulting with homeowners All Across America, and now perhaps we can help you!



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